Paydirt Mixed Breed Gold & Gem Bag


Gold and Gem Paydirt, EVERY Bag Contains Real GOLD!  Various Gemstones including Real Rubies!  Coins from around the World, and other coins some SILVER Coins!

Bonus Bags include Extra Gold, Gold Pickers and Double GOLD!


Gold and Gem Paydirt GOLD in Every Bag!

One Pound Bag of our Mixed Breed Gold & Gemstone Paydirt Each bag contains Real GOLD!  Many different Gemstones including Real RUBIES!  COINS from around the World to Old and Rare Bonus Bags Contain:  Silver Coins GOLD Pickers Extra Gold and One Bag has DOUBLE the GOLD!

Perfect for beginners we have removed most of the heavy magnetics to make for easier panning at home.  Great Hobby for the Entire Family!  Young Pups to Ole Dawgz!  GET THE GOLD!!!

Each bag contains 1/4 (+/-) gram of GOLD

Always Pan Your GOLD paydirt twice to ensure you didn’t miss any!

(Price does not include Shipping and Handling)