Meet the Team

Morel Mushroom vitamins Evansville

David James Hazlett

Professional Information:
Owner and operator, IN State Certified 

Forestry and Wildlife Conservation



Hello, my name is Dave Hazlett, aka, “The Morel Dawg”. My father and family started me huntn’ morels I guess from the time I could walk. Some say I smell them, most can’t believe the way I see them. I have won numerous trophies, have a diploma in Forestry and Wildlife Conservation, worn out several pairs of boots, picked millions of ticks, worn out 5 dogs and lots of people. I grew up an only child tending to coon hounds, livestock, and extotic animals; including an African grey parrot, a pigtail makac monkey, and a chimp.

It has been my lifelong goal to work with mushrooms and share my knowledge of them with others. I am an avid outdoors-man and enjoy being in the woods surrounded by nature. My fascination with mushrooms began as a child, and has since grown into a passion to the extent that most would call a bit crazy!

Our newest member of the team is Amos; our bloodhound pup, I am attempting to train to find morels; along with other fungi, some of which have medicinal benefits including amazing results with cancer and other diseases! So please, “Stay Tuned to BigDawgTV on our YouTube to keep up with our travels, which will begin later part of march thru…..? needs your feedback; for all morel hunting related questions email

Morel Mushroom vitamins Evansville

Rebecca Sue Hinton

Professional Information:
Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, University of KY, Henderson Community College
Master of Science Courses, University of Southern Indiana




  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • Trauma Nurse Certified


Hi, my name is Sue, although, Dave may refer to me as “Hattie”, which is his nickname for me. I am really excited to be given the opportunity to share our love of mushrooms and all the benefits that can be provided by them.¬† We not only recommend our Mushroom Supplements we use them too!
First, a little bit about myself, I am of Cherokee decent, which I am very proud of. I have a degree in nursing and worked for the past 20 years as a registered nurse in an intensive care unit. My experience working with critically ill patients has enlightened me and encouraged me to find alternative ways to deal with devastating illness. I began studying medicinal mushrooms a few years ago, and firmly believe, throughout all my research, this is an important key to overall improved health. While this is an alternative approach rather than traditional, research continues to show impressive results in the use of medicinal mushrooms.
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