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About us

We are a company offering a diverse and unique line of mushroom products. We are a distributor for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms all natural mushroom vitamin supplements; proven to boost immune health and total well being.

Our life-long passion for mushroom hunting has enabled us to meet other pickers in the USA to provide the freshest picked gourmet and medicinal mushroom, other edibles as they become available. Looking for a certain wild edible? Make a request we do the rest! We also sell custom-made “Twizted” walking sticks(limited supply), pet products, apparel, gifts and much more! Look through our catalog to learn more about what we’re about.

When you’re looking for the best in healthy living products here’s why you should choose morel mushroom all natural vitamin supplements:
Grown in the USA!

Each mushroom species has a narrow window when active constituents are at their highest volume. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge, Paul knows the precise harvest time for each species for maximum activity and efficacy. At their optimal rate of growth, the mushroom-forming mycelium are flash-frozen, capturing a full spectrum of constituents at peak performance.