Never ever eat a mushroom unless you are 100% positive of the ID. I will stick to what I call the “No Brainers” per season for my area of Indiana (Southern Tip). So first and foremost lets stick to morels or  morchella  (true morel) Morels are cone shaped sponge almost brain like appearance laid on their side resemble a fish shape one of the many nicknames for morel hunting is called land fishing. morel1All morels are hollow when sliced open other than a few critters (bugs worms dirt)and should be free of any white cottony substance. So when in doubt toss it out!  Its simply not worth it. There are old mushroom hunters and bold mushroom hunters but No old bold mushroom hunters! Morels are attached cap to stem other than half free for the sake of safety leave those to more experienced hunters. Pick up a field guide for mushrooms never id mushrooms from just one source or photos,  find some morel hunters ask advise not where they hunt or pick.  Most love to talk about them if you have some and are not sure they will gladly look at them. So recap you tossed any unsure ones out, Check your field guide Found and expert (state park workers game wardens state mycologist local hunters) And you are 100% sure you have a morel. Now your ready to eat one ah not so fast now the most important part for all mushrooms! They are food just like peanuts shellfish some people just cant eat them. ALWAYS retain a uncooked sample of the mushroom. Try small amounts the first few times you try them and don’t consume alcoholic beverages some mushrooms don’t do well with them and morels are one. As far a symptoms for mushroom poisoning that is for the experts like Nurse Hattie…..This is no where near a complete list please login and join our blog we would love to hear your questions comments suggestions stories etc.